Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering a culture that values and leverages diverse perspectives.

D&I at Arch

Arch recognizes that bringing together diverse backgrounds and experiences drives idea generation, innovation and better decision making. With over 4,500 employees and offices on four continents, we know that fostering a culture that embraces and leverages  diverse perspectives is more than just an aspirational value, it’s a business imperative.

We define diversity as the various traits and characteristics that make people unique — both seen and unseen. Equally important is inclusion, or the behaviors and social norms that make people feel heard, valued and respected.

Our goal is to create an inclusive culture where a variety of diverse opinions are heard and valued through teamwork and collaboration. Only then will we create the best new ideas and innovations; only then will we truly enable possibility.

This commitment is embedded in our Values and contained in our policies, including Arch’s Code of Business Conduct. We are focused on creating sustainable D&I results for our colleagues, our communities and in our culture.

Among our commitments to our colleagues is to have a workforce that better reflects the communities in which we operate and the markets we serve. As we look for the best talent, we are focused on developing recruiting strategies that target the greatest diversity opportunities and being objective and equitable in the talent process to mitigate bias.

Code of Business Conduct

Every employee reviews and signs Arch’s Code of Business Conduct both when they are hired and on an annual basis.

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For Arch employees, we offer a variety of Employee Networks and Resource Groups. These grassroots networks benefit our employees while creating strategic business impacts, and we will continue to grow current groups and create new networks across the company. Our current Employee Networks and Resource Groups are:

  • Abled not Labeled and Allies.
  • Black Professionals and Allies.
  • LGBTQ+ (PRIDE) and Allies.
  • Veterans and Allies.
  • Women and Allies.
  • Young Professionals and Allies.

Arch is committed to being recognized as a leader in its commitment to D&I in the communities where we work, live and serve customers. To this end, we are developing external partnerships and exploring avenues to advance D&I learning at industry and community events.  

Our commitment to the Arch culture is based on attracting, developing, engaging and retaining top talent through inclusion. In 2019, our Executive Leadership Team completed Inclusive Leadership training; in 2020, in addition to launching our Employee Networks, we initiated several pilot programs to educate colleagues on topics like unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. By embedding concepts of inclusive behaviors into learning and leadership development and raising awareness on the impact of unconscious bias, we strive to build a more inclusive and aware workforce.