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Underwriting | October 23, 2021

Celebrating 20 Years of Arch

Arch launched Oct. 23, 2001, with a handful of employees and a $750M capital infusion. Watch our October 2021 video, which summarizes the last 20 years....

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Mortgage | January 7, 2021

How Affordability is Strengthening Home Sales | HaMMR

The record-setting housing market is drawing strength from high levels of affordability, according to the Winter edition of The Housing and Mortgage Market Review (HaMMR), released today by Ar...

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Winter 2021 HaMMR Report

Statements | March 16, 2020

A Message to Our Customers about COVID-19

A message to our customers about COVID-19: Health and safety is foremost in our minds....

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Underwriting | March 12, 2020

The Underwriting Lifecycle

The former Arch director and board chairman created an “Insurance Clock” to help measure the insurance underwriting cycle. Today, we find that it still holds merit....

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