Sustainability & Governance

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Arch.

ESG at Arch

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are integral to our business operations and daily decision-making. We take a measured, long-term approach to ESG as we strive to find solutions that drive our purpose: to “Enable Possibility.”

We work with our clients to provide services and insurance coverage that help them safeguard their future in a world where uncertainty touches every aspect of their lives.

Our business is built on long-term thinking and an established history of delivering reliable risk management expertise to our markets. ESG thinking and processes are embedded across five core areas of Arch as we engage with stakeholders and help them plan, build and grow into a sustainable future.

ESG Integration and Priorities Across our Business

2021 ESG Report Highlights

Through our three sustainability reports, we share our ESG strategy and efforts to integrate ESG risks and opportunities across key impact areas. This summary report highlights our ESG successes and sustainability progress during 2021.

Key ESG Topics at a Glance

We undertook a high-level review of our sustainability priorities in 2021. While reaffirming the importance of the priority topics outlined in our first Sustainability Report in 2019, the exercise also led us to implement changes to simplify and reprioritize key ESG topics, as illustrated in this ESG priorities matrix.

ESG Priorities Matrix
Social Capital Human Capital
Carbon Emissions (Operations Access to Finance & Social Product Development Employee Health & Safety Business Ethics & Standards
Climate Risk & Climate Change Management Community Relations/ Engagement Diversity & Inclusion Corporate Governance
Financing Environmental Impact Privacy & Data Security   Systemic Risk Management
Responsible Investment    
Supply Chain Labor Standards    

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Latest Reports

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Report

Marcy Rathman, Chief ESG Officer

Marcy Rathman, Arch’s Chief Environmental, Social and Governance Officer, is charged with coordinating the oversight and management of Arch’s ESG efforts. She was promoted to the role in May 2019, when Arch launched its formal ESG program. Prior to that, she served as an attorney for Arch for close to 20 years, supporting the General Counsel and many of Arch’s governance and compliance policies. With this background, she was well-positioned to lead and oversee the company’s ESG efforts and the annual comprehensive sustainability reports.

She joined Arch’s legal team in December of 2000 and has been a key member of the corporate legal team, providing risk management oversight, supporting Arch’s worldwide retirement savings and equity plans and enforcing our corporate governance policies. Under her guidance, Arch launched an ESG strategy and coordinated the teams and processes to support it.

 She manages a number of cross-functional teams responsible for ESG decision-making and reporting, including oversight of sustainable business practices. She works closely with the Arch’s executive leaders to enact recommendations that align with our sustainability strategy and shareholder goals. Additionally, she provides quarterly reports to the Nominating and Governance Committee of our Board of Directors.