Our Communities

Striving to make a difference by investing in our communities is one of Arch’s core values, woven into the fabric of our culture.

Giving for a Better Tomorrow

We continue to invest in areas where we live and work and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to building stronger, more resilient communities through our philanthropic and volunteer efforts.

Supporting Community Impact

20th Anniversary Global Giveback

In 2021, Arch celebrated its 20th anniversary by launching the Arch Global Giveback, an initiative to encourage employees across the globe to give back to their communities by volunteering in a safe and impactful way. Key highlights included:

  • More than 25 volunteer activities supported health-related causes.
  • Volunteers supported more than 35 charities addressing food insecurity.
  • Over 20 activities got employees outdoors to help our planet.
  • 15 activities addressed housing issues.
  • Over 20 activities helped improve access to quality education.

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