Our Communities

Striving to make a difference by investing in our communities is one of Arch’s core values, woven into the fabric of our culture.

Giving for a Better Tomorrow

We strive to make a difference by investing in areas where we live and work. We demonstrate our ongoing commitment to building stronger, more resilient communities through our philanthropic and volunteer efforts.

  • Donated $5.6 million to charitable organizations across the globe, including $2.4 million through our matching gift program.
  • Our employees used 12,000 hours of our volunteer time off program to give back to their local communities.
  • The Arch Group Foundation became operational in 2022 and awarded over $450,000 to nine nonprofits.
Arch donated $5.6 million to charitable organizations across the globe.

Supporting Community Impact

Matching Gift Program

$2.4 million matched by Arch (includes both 1:1 and periods of 2:1 matching).
$2.1 million donated by employees at Arch in 2022.
1:1 match for up to $25,000 of an employee’s donations to eligible organizations.

Volunteer Time Off Program

12,000 hours of paid time used by employees to volunteer in 2022.
Arch offers employees 2 days per calendar year as paid volunteer time off.

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