January 14, 2022

Employees: Why I Joined Arch

Life at Arch

We asked employees what intrigued them most about coming to work for the company. Hear testimonials from individuals who joined at various times throughout Arch’s history. The video transcript follows.

Jim Legere  00:07

In every interview, I found, you know, the office buzzing, people collaborating. There were very few offices and no closed doors. And the the environment was just, I guess intoxicating in that regard. You felt like jumping in and rolling up your sleeves to work.

Valerie Turpin  00:29

At the time the market was very disrupted. And a lot of companies were going out of my line of business, that were creating a lot of pressure on the brokers to find solutions. So Arch decided that it was actually an opportunity for us to do something different and to help our brokers. So when I discussed it with them, they said, “we want to grow”  and that really intrigued me because everybody was doing the opposite. And I thought that that was actually the right opportunity to be different.

Patrick Palmer  01:01

I think the thing that intrigued me most about joining Arch was what was the potential. I mean, Arch has historically been very below radar in the London market but it’s got such a great story to tell, and it is really is growing so quickly.

Hugh Sturgess  01:14

I wanted  to do something different and I definitely wanted to build something. And I think that’s why a lot of people joined Arch in those early years and probably still join Arch.

Megan McCarthy  01:21

We were going to have the ability to build something from ground up and it was, we had the autonomy to run it like it was our own business.

Jay Rajendra  01:30

I spent a lot of time doing research and talking to lots of people. And I soon realized that although it was this really big company, it had this incredible entrepreneurial spirit to it, where you could take a really good idea and make it happen. And for that reason, I decided to join Arch.