October 20, 2020 | Articles, Career Areas

IT Careers at Arch

Arch Communications

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Video Transcript

Chris Hovey, EVP and Chief Information Officer, Arch Capital Services Inc.: A word that I would use to describe the culture at Arch is possibility. Insurance technology is a very exciting place to be. An employee coming to work at Arch in the IT group will find themselves the chance to develop a set of skills that will last them a lifetime.

Eric Pearson, SVP and Divisional Chief Information Officer, Arch Capital Services Inc.: You really can come in and start to learn the role and expand into so many other areas across the company and across the world. So I really think it’s a wonderful place for somebody that has a lot of energy and is motivated to go out and seize those opportunities.

Prashant Nema, SVP and Divisional Chief Information Officer, IT Management, Arch Capital Services Inc.: For every stream in technology, we have got various career tracks, so we believe in finding good people who are new entrants, right from college, and to give them opportunity and to build them along and build a career with us.

Pearson: I think an opportunity for a recent college grad at Arch is unique because you will be able to contribute to meaningful business outcomes a lot sooner than you would in other companies. We have a very fast-paced, results-driven software development lifecycle and as we bring in new employees, within months we start to see the fruits of their labor being utilized in a production environment.

Hovey: Arch is a tremendous place to come and learn first about business in general. We have a very open and welcoming culture and we invite people to express their curiosity about new and different things. Secondly, we are an exciting industry. The insurance industry enables all the other industries in the world to operate. You can’t build a building without many different types of insurance. You can’t operate a cruise line without many different types of insurance. The insurance industry and our company enables the economy to operate effectively. Becoming familiar with that industry gives the employee an avenue to a very enriching career.