Our Investing

We are responsible for investing and managing the assets of our affiliates around the world.

How We Manage Our Assets

Through our investment management activities, we preserve and protect over $25 billion in assets (at Dec. 31, 2020).

Our investment approach seeks to enhance the company’s return on equity while avoiding undue risk. We achieve this by investing the vast majority of our portfolio in investment grade fixed income securities, with modest allocations to high yield, equities and alternatives. We focus on total return rather than nominal yield, and we generally attempt to match, within a reasonable range, the duration of our investments to the duration of our liabilities.

As careful stewards of the capital entrusted to us, we manage the portfolio conservatively, securing our reserves and ensuring an ongoing ability to pay claims when due. We believe the incorporation of material, nonfinancial factors into investment selection and risk management has the potential to enhance long-term investment returns.

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