July 26, 2023

The Underwriting Lifecycle


Paul Ingrey, former Arch director and board chairman, created an “Insurance Clock” to help measure the insurance underwriting cycle. More than three decades later, this same insurance clock still holds merit.

Creating shareholder value through the insurance cycle has been central to the company’s management philosophy since Arch was established in 2001. That is, we don’t chase unprofitable business in soft markets, but we do write more business as attractive opportunities arise in hard markets. Ingrey, who was a director of Arch when the company was founded, created this insurance clock that we reference to understand the entire underwriting lifecycle and use as one measure of our risk appetite.

Infographic of Paul Ingrey's Insurance "clock."

Paul Ingrey’s Underwriting Cycle Clock

Download Insurance Underwriting Clock PDF

This article originally appeared on the website on March 12, 2020.