January 6, 2022

What’s Great about an IT Career at Arch

Career Areas

We asked our employees what they liked best about working in IT at Arch. Culture, great managers and leadership and going beyond doing cool stuff are among the responses. Learn more.

Video Transcript

Eric Pearson  00:21

When I think about what’s really great about working in Arch, I really do think about the people and really, from the executive leadership team all the way down to the staff. It’s just a lot of really motivated, you know, collaborative people.

Scott Kelly  00:37

It is a rare thing to find in the industry, to have managers that are so committed to people’s long term career success.

Kamrin Amin  00:44

From a technology perspective. Yeah, we’re doing cool stuff, but also from connecting to the business and making sure they’re happy and they’re getting what they’re, that they want from an IT perspective.

Janet Lindstom  00:54

We have really a driver’s seat in making some huge changes for the company. I really feel that technology data, digital transformation is where everything’s at right now and in the next 5 to 10 years.

Ben Young  01:09

We are a key transformation engine within the business. It’s great to be part of that. And it’s exciting to work with our business colleagues to solve problems, field solutions and assist the business in growing and reaching its goals

Prashant Nema  01:24

Working in IT is like you’re working in a technology company in a financial services firm. There are only a far and few financial services organizations which offer this opportunity to work in financial services firm with money and solutions but also to work deep in technology like in a high tech firm. And that is the best part of being at Arch.