February 28, 2023

Black Professionals and Allies Network Helps Make D&I Part of Arch’s DNA

Life at Arch

At Arch, our people are our greatest assets, and they are the key to our success. We continually strive to maintain a workforce that reflects the communities in which we work and the markets we serve — diversity and inclusion (D&I) are more than just corporate buzzwords. D&I is in Arch’s DNA, and our Employee Networks were formed to help Arch in these efforts.

The Black Professionals and Allies Employee Network (BPAN), founded in 2021, is one of these networks.

“When you think about our company’s purpose, which is to enable possibility, you can only do that by bringing diverse thoughts and ideas to the table,” says Jennifer Centrone, Arch’s Chief Human Resources Officer.

BPAN’s mission is simple: Increase representation through activities aimed at attracting, developing, recognizing and retaining Black professionals at Arch.

The group’s vision is to see Black professionals at Arch represented in all roles and levels across the company. To get there, it takes a combination of targeted actions over time, with the primary focus on attracting, developing and retaining stellar Black employees.

“At its most basic level, it’s just good business to find talented people and give them an opportunity,” says BPAN’s Santiago Hernandez, CEO of Arch Re Facultative. “… You want to bring good people into your company. Now, add to that, it’s just the right thing to do. When you can combine good business with the right thing to do, it’s hard to find an argument to do otherwise.”

A heterogeneous workforce brings a variety of skills, knowledge and history. There is strength in diversity and power in including diverse practices into the way we work. And yet, we aren’t finished; progress is under way.

BPAN is here to help Arch’s Black professionals make that progress, both as employees and individuals.

“It’s important to know the history of our culture and the Black history of our country. But it’s also imperative that we continue to make progress,” says BPAN Chair Evelyn Calloway, Arch’s Vice President for Vendor Management. “… We respect the history. We honor the history. But we would not be honoring those who came before us if we did not continue to progress.”