January 18, 2024

Women and Allies Network Supports Arch’s Vision of Achieving Gender Balance in Leadership

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As part of our commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion (D&I), Arch introduced six company-wide employee networks in 2021. One of them is Arch’s Women and Allies Employee Network (AWAN).

Vision and Mission

The group’s vision is to support Arch’s goal of achieving gender balance in leadership roles over time through a combination of targeted actions focused on networking, mentoring and ally engagement. The group’s mission: To drive career advancement for women at Arch.

“Our primary focus is creating a dynamic internal community comprised of women and allies who can unite in a shared commitment to support and empower one another,” said Gaia Corbetta, Senior Actuarial Analyst and one of AWAN’s London-based Co-Chairs. “We believe in the strength that emerges when individuals come together, sharing experiences, insights and resources.”

According to Barbara Rizzi, also a London-based Co-Chair, the network aims to recognize the unique value and promote the advancement of women at Arch through a series of initiatives — from educational talks and networking events, to sponsoring and mentoring, and promoting allyship. Barbara, who leads Arch Insurance International’s Claims for Third Party Lines, said that employee networks are also a mechanism for influencing D&I practices in any organization. “The network aims to create a fair, equal and transparent workplace where every employee can thrive,” she said.

Executive Sponsor

For Nicolas Papadopoulo, President of Arch Capital Group Ltd., CEO of Arch Worldwide Insurance Group and Executive Sponsor of the Women and Allies Employee Network, Arch’s embrace of D&I gives the company a strategic advantage.

“A workforce that is representative of the demographics of the communities we live in is key to be able to get all of the point of views,” said Nicolas. “It’s critical to be able to come up with the best decision for the company.”

Empowering and Encouraging

Gaia finds it empowering to see Arch invest in tools that create a space for employees to feel listened to, encouraged and supported.

“Our network serves as a safe and inclusive space where open discussions can thrive — whether addressing concerns or seizing new opportunities,” she said. “By cultivating this collaborative environment, we aim to cultivate a culture of mutual support, enabling each member to flourish both personally and professionally.”

For Barbara, seeing positive changes is proof that Arch is headed in the right direction. “Compared to, say, 10 years ago, recognition to gender equality is now a priority which is garnering the attention it deserves,” she said, adding that she hopes one day, there will be no need to talk about gender equality. “As individuals, we all have the same rights and responsibilities irrespective of gender.”

This article was originally published in August 2023. It has been updated with new information.